Must Balsan products be used only by professionals and in the beauty salons?

All Balsan products are designed for professional use but may also be used for home care. If you do the procedures in a beauty salon, the advantage is that it is much more comfortable and easy than traditional pedicures and manicures using cutting tools and the effect is achieved after an invasive foot procedure. Balsan treatments are much more hygienic and safe for both the client and the pedicure specialist – no skin dust and fatigue on the hands.

For people who prefer to take care of their own pedicures and manicures, there are smaller product packages convenient for use at home or on the way.

Why not just sell Lotion as a standalone product?

In order to get the best result in the pedicure and manicure procedure, just these products in our kits are needed. And that’s why it is.

A tool to work with. This is our plastic spatula included.

100% cotton pads that do not absorb but have a fluid-retaining Lotion function. You can split the tampons into two for more procedures.

Lotion to soften the hard (dead tissue) to a soft and easy to collect material through a spatula.

BALANCE Cream with its ingredients aims to protect your “new” tissue by nourishing it immediately after washing the Lotion with water. And using BALANCE cream once a day will keep your skin supple and soft until your next procedure.


What are the steps in pedicure?

We offer a ready-to-use home kit that includes a lotion and balancing cream, as well as cotton pads and a spatula for removal of the dead skin – all in a gift box or in a handy beautiful bag. They also have attached a detailed brochure outlining the steps of the procedure and the duration of the products. The steps are three:


On dry and clean thenars, apply the soaked pad/s/ with the lotion on the areas you want to treat – the heels, the pads in the front of the thenars, and the toes. You can wrap your legs with nylon film or cosmetic sock to make you feel comfortable during the procedure and to enhance the action of the ingredients. The time for this step is 10 to 20 minutes.

Remove the cotton pad and use the spatula included in the kit to remove dead skin by tearing. Wash your feet very well with water to stop the effect of the lotion.

Apply the balancing cream that softens the skin with its ingredients. You can apply the balancing cream daily, preferably in the evening, to keep your feet maintained and soft. The cream acts in the direction of reducing keratinization and skin roughness thanks to the balancing ingredients.

Why should the lotion be applied on dry skin?

We recommend applying the lotion on well-dried skin so that it can be absorbed as much as possible in the dry skin. Do not soak feet in water! The cotton pad should be very well moistened with the BALSAN lotion for optimal performance. The performance of the lotion also depends on the adhesion of the pad to the skin. Of course, from a hygienic point of view, you can wash your feet or the treated area before the procedure, but you need to dry your skin very well afterwards. We recommend that you use antibacterial wet wipes to start the procedure.


What other products can I apply after using the lotion?

Balancing cream works best because it nourishes the treated area and creates a balance of the skin. After removing the dead skin of your feet, you can also apply the Foot Freshener (up to the knee) and feet, which works very well on tired legs and thenars, relaxes muscular loads, relieves varicose veins, cools, refreshes, soothes and smoothes the skin. You can complete the procedure with a mint foot spray that stops the sweat of the thenars and prevents the appearance of fungi and harmful microorganisms.


I want to remove the rough skin on my hands. What products should I use?

The Balsan lotion works very well on the cuticles (the skin fold that covers the base of the nails). Pushing out and removing excess skin is essential not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a hygienic one – the bruised, injured and torn cuticles retain bacteria and harmful microorganisms, and improper removal with cutting tools can cause a number of problems such as infections, fungal infections, inflammation of the skin and nails. The revolutionary of Balsan products is that no cutting tools are used and there is no risk of infection. The products additionally protect against harmful organisms through antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic ingredients.

The action of the Balsan Lotion on the cuticles of the hands and feet is significantly shorter than on other skin sections – no more than 2-3 minutes. Then, with the help of a manicure brush, excess skins are exfoliated and removed. We also recommend using a cuticle pusher.

With regular use, the cuticles shrink, stopping their growth. It is the fastest, easiest and safest method on the market and saves a lot of time than standard soaking and trimming for the manicures.

After the lotion BALANCE cream shall be applied.

In addition to the cuticles, does the lotion also affect other rough skin on the hands?

If you are a frequent visitor to the gym and workout with weights you must have noticed that even using gloves, the skin on your hands gets rough. You can remove the rough skin on the pads of your palms without a problem with Balsan lotion. It is also recommended for removing dead skin on the elbows.


What percentage of dead skin does the lotion remove? What its effect depends on?

The lotion only works on dead skin and there is no danger of removing the healthy one – it is not possible to get wounds or injuries. Depending on the degree of keratinization, the lotion may remove everything unnecessarily with just one procedure, but if the stratum corneum is denser and rougher, more therapy is needed. This applies especially to pedicures and corns. We recommend that for a thinner layer of dead skin, allow the lotion to act for 10 minutes and leave it for 20 minutes in the case of more coarseness. The amount of lotion is always the same – the cotton pad should be well soaked. You can repeat the lotion procedure as needed until the desired effect is achieved.


How often can lotion procedures be done?


The lotion can be used as often as needed to completely remove dead skin. Its composition includes salts, minerals and herbs and no aggressive ingredients. You can immediately repeat the procedure after the lotion has passed and the excess keratinization is removed with the included spatula. After achieving the desired effect, wash and apply the balancing cream.

What happens if the lotion is not washed well after the procedure and the following products are applied?

Skin irritation may occur. We recommend you thoroughly wash the lotion before applying Balance cream. A sign that you have washed the lotion well is the lack of skin slippage under running water.


Is it possible to get an interaction between medicines taken and Balsan products?


There are no known medicaments or medicines that can cause side effects during intake of BALSAN products.


Is it normal to have peeling, dryness, cracking and other side effects after using the lotion and balancing cream? How do I proceed if these side effects occur?


If your skin is allergic, please try the action of both components – BALANCE Lotion and Cream on a small area of ​​your corneous skin (palms and thenars). If no redness occurs, you can safely use BALSAN products. The use of BALANCE cream subsequently will only make your skin even more velvety.


What happens if the lotion action time is extended? Is that how its actions intensify?


There are no known side effects, but it is not advisable to keep the lotion too long on healthy skin, as its effect in depth is not unlimited. After a maximum of 20 minutes, the active ingredients in the lotion stop working and you should use a spatula to remove dead skin. You can then repeat the procedure with a new cotton pad and a new lotion quantity. The performance of the lotion also depends on the adhesion of the pad to the skin.


The cuticle skin is softer. Is it possible the use of the lotion to harm them in any way?


Everyone can choose the most appropriate method for removing the cuticles from other than the available on the market. The advantage of Balsan Lotion is that it can not damage the cuticles, but significantly facilitates the procedure. The action of the lotion on the cuticles is up to 3 minutes and after washing again ends with the balancing cream. The advantage is that you buy one product and you can use it for different purposes, thus saving a lot of money and the result will delight you.


Is training required for use the Balsan products?


There is no need for specialized training, but the company provides training for professionals working with Balsan. So we are sure that the products will be used properly for optimum effect. We also periodically organize demonstration seminars and presentations.


Are the products for professional use or are they designed for mass use?


The advantage of the Balsan products is that they are designed for both professional and home care. It is much more convenient to have the procedure done by a professional not only because of the comfort, but also because of the accessories that are offered in the beauty and care salons and the attention you receive from the specialists. You can advise your Professional to serve you with BALSAN products.


What other products is better to complete the procedure with?


Pedicurists can complete Balsan therapy with peppermint spray and mint and with herb feet freshener. The freshener is very suitable for massage of calves and significantly reduces fatigue in them, soothes and relieves varicose veins.




BALSAN Lotion may not be applied on the face, on injured or over sensitive skin. If you are not sure that you have tolerance for BALSAN Lotion, for example because you are taking certain medicines, first test it on a small area of ​​your skin. The products are for external use only!


*To prevent accidental spillage when opening, do not squeeze the vial. Do not point the opening of the pack against your face.


BALSAN Lotion contains alkali, so it should not fall into the eyes (there is a risk of blinding). Keep away from children.


*The effect of BALSAN Lotion is enhanced if, after using it, you wash the treated skin areas with a lot of water and smear them with BALSAN – Balance cream.